[MPlayer-users] using quartz vo remotely

Maxwell Terpstra terpstra at myrealbox.com
Sun Sep 19 22:52:57 CEST 2004

Hello everyone,

Having heard a lot about the remote display functionality of X11, I 
thought it would be fun to put together a 'video-server' on my home 
network, using Mplayer on a Debian box.  One of the computers I would 
like to offer this service to is an iBook running OSX/quartz.  I have 
read that Quartz also provides remote hooks, and thus was wondering if 
it would be possible to use -vo quartz from the Debian box to provide a 
display on the iBook...

So, my first question is, does anyone know for sure if this is even 
possible?  I haven't been able to find anything online about how to use 
a remote Quartz server... Do I need to set anything up, or can I just 
connect to display 0 on the iBook as if it were an X server?

Secondly, how can I compile MPlayer on a non-Darwin (Debian GNU/Linux 
i686) box with quartz video out?

Lastly, how bad would the performance be over a single base-100 
ethernet segment?  Over two or three (switched)?  Is it even worth the 
effort (aside from the novelty of it :p) ?

Thank you for your input,
  --Maxwell Terpstra

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