[MPlayer-users] Playing VOB files from hard drive

raen7 at ihug.com.au raen7 at ihug.com.au
Sat Sep 18 16:42:46 CEST 2004

I have looked at the Docs (as below) but I am unable to find a download 
anywhere of libcss-0.0.1 Only later versions.
Does anyone have a link to download  libcss-0.0.1 or is it OK to use a 
slightly later version? 

Old-style DVD support - OPTIONAL
Useful if you want to play encoded VOBs from hard disk. Compile and install 
libcss 0.0.1 (not newer) for this (If MPlayer fails to detect it, use the 
-csslib /path/to/libcss.so option). To use it, you need to be root, use a 
suid root MPlayer binary or let MPlayer call the suid-root fibmap_mplayer 
wrapper program. 

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