AW: [MPlayer-users] FLAC: Activate Dither/Resample/Replaygain

sisko at sisko at
Thu Sep 16 13:58:40 CEST 2004

maybe it makes sense to call in the dev-mailingslist (I am normally no
mailinglist-person). Let´s see: I will wait till tomorrow, maybe somebody
already realized how to do it.

> for reference, this is what i',m playing my flac files on:

the only way to go :-)
> i'm very interested in those questions as well -- if you get anything 
> back off-list would you mind forwarding them to me?
> sisko at wrote:
> >I am using mplayer for playing my huge audiocollection (all in
> >FLAC-format) for some days now, and seriously, I am pretty impressed
> >the quality of this console-player.
> >
> >I only have one little question about the configuration
> >Somewhere I was reading that mplayer can use the libflac-library to
> >FLAC-files and that it can use the integrated resample-, replaygain-
> >dither-synthesis: How to activate and configure these functions (Mr.
> >Google did not help, neither the manual or the FAQ)? Like it told, I
> >new in this.

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