[MPlayer-users] xvid 2-pass, large files and bitrate problem

podolany at autograf.pl podolany at autograf.pl
Tue Sep 14 13:32:32 CEST 2004

Xvid 1.0.2 (I've tried 1.0.1 too)
mplayer 1.0pre5 (with or without --enable-largefiles

I have problem with file size:
in case of small (<500MB) file 1-pass and 2-pass coding works fine
in case of bigger files (around 3,6GB) 1-pass koding is ok but 
in the secnd pass of the 2-pass encoding the bitrate is not set (and the resulting file is
similar in size to the input file - sould be around 700MB).

strange message:
video: 5346,714 kbit/s (668339 bps) rozmiar: -590816891 bajt�w 5542,320 s 138581 ramek
input file: 3,6GB 6MBit/s mpeg2
output SHOULD be ~700MB avi
xvid-twopass.stats have only 45 lines!!!


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