[MPlayer-users] MPlayer-1.0pre4 bug with divx4 multipass filter

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Tue Sep 14 08:28:48 CEST 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, D Richard Felker III wrote:

DRFI>> But when making high-quality dvd-rips, you can't even compare lavc and
DRFI>> xvid. With postprocessing, hq rips look bad - all the details are
DRFI>> blurred away. So I always make rips that do not need postprocessing
DRFI>> (1700-2500kbit/s depending on material is enough to make very hq rip
DRFI>> with the right settings). Sadly, on most types on content it's nearly
DRFI>> impossible with lavc. Scenes with qp=2 look extremly bad (and I don't
DRFI>> want to discuss my monitor, gamma, brightness and eyes - they are
DRFI>> perfectly well). In a lot of scenes, you can see blocks everywhere!
DRFI>> With xvid, qp=2 will lead to perfect result. The bitrate will be
DRFI>> ~1.3-1.5 times higher than with lavc, though; but with qp=3, the result
DRFI>> is still much better than lavc's and bitrate is smaller.
DRFI>actually there's one more thing i thought of while talking about you
DRFI>on irc...what lavc options are you using that result in blocking at
DRFI>q=2? i expect you're using more than just "vqscale=2" by itself, and
DRFI>there are definitely some options which don't make sense with
DRFI>constant-q mode and which will severely lower quality. i remember
DRFI>another user ran into the same thing a while back and it took us a
DRFI>long time to figure out what the problem was.

No. Like I said, you will be welcome to try any settings you want. Only
video filters, bitrate, and the fact that mpeg quantization is used
(which really improves quality for high bitrates - h263 gives some
blurring at any bitrate) must remain the same.



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