[MPlayer-users] low volume problem: mencoder tv:// to DVD or SVCD

rcooley rcooley at spamcop.net
Sat Sep 11 09:15:55 CEST 2004

On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 01:54:05 -0500
Yusuf <yusufad at myrealbox.com.DELME> wrote:

> $AMIXER -q sset 'Analog Mix Capture Volume' 100%  unmute

Never heard of that device-name before.  You should be setting up
"Capture", just as you do with "Line".  This very well could be your

> $AMIXER -q sset Line mute

It doesn't look like you know quite what you are doing.  Mencoder will
still be able to record from your soundcard, even if Line and Capture
are muted.

> 3. Is there a way to make mencoder split the files at certain
> filesize?


> 4. What would be the path of "least resistance", DVD or SVCD, and with
> what apps?

Mencoder is very good at creating DVD/SVCD/VCD-compatible streams.  I
create SVCDs all the time, and the only program you need other than
mencoder is a multiplexer.  mplex is most popular, but I find tcmplex
creates smaller files, is more flexible, etc.  

Just search the mailing list for the command-lines people use to encode
to SVCD/DVD.  Now, that doesn't include menus. I can't help you on that

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