[MPlayer-users] Splitting the outputfile(s) when recording from v4l2

CrimeDog crimedog at wp.pl
Wed Sep 8 20:21:22 CEST 2004

W liście z śro, 08-09-2004, godz. 20:01, Olivier Warin pisze: 
> Hello!
> I regularly record movies from the v4l input. Usually i did this with lavrec, 
> but since i have upraded my system this wont work (i don't know exactly why).
> So i started to do this with mencoder, wich works fine. But as mencoder can 
> create files larger than 2GB.I'm not able to open them in the programm glav 
> (from mjpegtools). (to cut commercials, etc out). Because of that i have to 
> cut the file using transcode into smaller parts...
maybe, check manpage

> Is there an Option to create directly (in mencoder) several files?
> (Sorry, perhaps i'm just too stupid to find it in the docs..)
mencoder can't ;-(

> I hope you understand, what i mean ;)
> Greatings, Oli
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