[MPlayer-users] Splitting the outputfile(s) when recording from v4l2

Olivier Warin wasto1234567 at yahoo.de
Wed Sep 8 20:01:53 CEST 2004

I regularly record movies from the v4l input. Usually i did this with lavrec, 
but since i have upraded my system this wont work (i don't know exactly why).
So i started to do this with mencoder, wich works fine. But as mencoder can 
create files larger than 2GB.I'm not able to open them in the programm glav 
(from mjpegtools). (to cut commercials, etc out). Because of that i have to 
cut the file using transcode into smaller parts...
Is there an Option to create directly (in mencoder) several files?
(Sorry, perhaps i'm just too stupid to find it in the docs..)

I hope you understand, what i mean ;)

Greatings, Oli

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