[MPlayer-users] MPlayer on directfb on i845G

scorproy at HotPOP.com scorproy at HotPOP.com
Mon Sep 6 07:32:57 CEST 2004

scorproy at HotPOP.com wrote:

> Hello,
>        I am having problems running mplayer on directfb. Whenever I 
> run mplayer with -vo directfb, the picture is all messed up, with 
> grains and dark green patches. The colours are not there. But the same 
> movie comes very good on fbdev or fbcon. I am running on Fedora core2 
> with i845GL chipset. Please help if anybody can.
> Thanks & regards,
> Scorproy
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Hi all,
         I found the solution. I had to add the bgr16 filter (-vf  
bgr16). The colourspace given by mplayer to directfb is not supported by 
directfb (or the i810 framebuffer driver). Even rgb16 was giving a 
problem. However, it works fine now.

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