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What I would like to do is play a bunch of files (jpeg, jpg, mpeg, avi) in a
directory called /media, I would like to do this using mplayer but the
problem with running the command 

[root at testbed media]#mplayer * 

is that it only plays the clips and not the jpegs and if I run the command

[root at testbed media]#mplayer mf://* -fps 0.1

It plays the pics but not the clips.

I basically need to play all formats of media in the /media directory, 

but also bare in mind that I will need to remove and add clips on weekly
basis, and I found if you do a command " mplayer -loop 0 * " on a directory
and remove any file from that directory and add a new clip, mplayer
obviously doesn't play the removed clip but it doesn't also play the added
NEW addition to the directory.

Scripting something would propably help , as the playlist option doesn't
allow the playing of jpegs.

Any help scripts pointing in the right direction would be greatly
appreciated. :-)


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On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 11:59:29AM +0200, g0tcha wrote:
> Got it and it works 100% any idea on how to schedule playing of media
> using mplayer ?

What do you mean? Be a bit more specific.

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