[MPlayer-users] Playing DAB MP2 files

Paul Webster paul at spidersweb.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 21:49:29 CEST 2004

> And how do you define 'looked plausible' in case of audio and/or video?
> Guessing by some things I hear on subway anything can be recorded these
> times and bear name of 'music'.
Not by the sound ... but when you get the right settings on the command line
then it instantly determines the right sample aret etc from the datastream.
If you get the wrong command line then it usually (at least in my case)
gives you no meaningful sample data and simply reports that it is at EOF.
So - my interpretation is that it finds frames based on what it knows about
the configured protocol.
So - if it guessed a few but could not find frames within a reasonable time
(say 10kb) then it could try again with a different protocol (etc).
Anyway - we are only speculating.
The XBMC folks are also looking into it and might be able to do something
from their end (i.e. allow override/specification of some parameters based
on file extension and local config)


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