[MPlayer-users] MPlayer and bandwidth (stream bitrate)

Mohamad Al-Saqer msaqer at iastate.edu
Tue Nov 16 20:48:00 CET 2004

Hi every one

I have FC2 (i386) with mplayer-0.92.1-0.lvn.5.2

I noticed that when playing some network streaming, the mplayer does not play 
at the right bitrate supplied by the source. Examples are as follows:

mms://  (331 k/s)
mms://  (331 k/s)
mms://wmedia.siol.net/tvpika/live (800 k/s)

mplayer plays all of them at (160x120) window 
I have > 3.00 Mbps network cable.

I also used the -bandwidth option. But this did not change any thing.
My windows Media Player do play these streams at the right bit rates.

How can I make mplayer choose the right stream id (see output below)

here is a relevant output to the bitrates from mplayer command line when 
playing : mms://wmedia.siol.net/tvpika/live 

Playing mms://wmedia.siol.net/tvpika/live
Resolving wmedia.siol.net ...
Connecting to server wmedia.siol.net[]:80 ...
Connect error : Connection refused
Resolving wmedia.siol.net ...
Connecting to server wmedia.siol.net[]:1755 ...
unknown object
unknown object
file object, packet length = 2888 (2888)
unknown object
stream object, stream id: 4         <=========== has lower bitrate
stream object, stream id: 8         <=========== has lower bitrate
unknown object
unknown object
data object
mmst packet_length = 2888
Cache size set to 800 KBytes
Connected to server: wmedia.siol.net
Cache fill: 16.00% (131072 bytes)    ASF file format detected.
============ ASF Stream group == START ===
 object size = 74
 stream count=[0x8][8]
   stream id=[0x1][1]
   max bitrate=[0x1121d][70173]
   stream id=[0x2][2]
   max bitrate=[0xd355][54101]
   stream id=[0x3][3]
   max bitrate=[0x550a][21770]

   stream id=[0x4][4]			<=========== lower bitrate
   max bitrate=[0x35ca][13770]

   stream id=[0x5][5]
   max bitrate=[0xbc349][770889]
   stream id=[0x6][6]
   max bitrate=[0x4f131][323889]
   stream id=[0x7][7]
   max bitrate=[0x195d1][103889]

   stream id=[0x8][8]			<=========== lower bitrate
   max bitrate=[0x9cb9][40121]
============ ASF Stream group == END ===

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