[MPlayer-users] 1.0pre2 switch to 1.0pre3 : black screen (radeon M9, vesa:vidix)

Szymon Bieganski sbiegans at wpk.p.lodz.pl
Thu Jan 29 11:23:06 CET 2004

Hello everyone
I am new to this list, and as my first question to all of you keen in 
programming is following:
I'm with mplayer since 0.9, and actually started to use it since I have 
noticed my Radeon Mobility M9 (on board of my Targa Visionary 
2200+ laptop) was producing quite nice picture on Tv-out with vesa:vidix 
options (beside -zoom -fs -screenw/screenh and -double ofcoz ;) ). But it 
was true on 1.0pre2, not with pre3 tree anymore. Symptoms are as follows: 
nothing special in logs or printouts, just _black_screen_ instead of video 
(audio is normal), returns to console just as usual (with trash on screen, 
solution is to switch to any other console with Alt+<num> as you all 
radeon users probably already know about).
If anyone need anything more specific about my setup or -verbose output 
just let me know - I noticed it just yesterday. And what more: difference 
is in mplayer executable: leaving pre2 radeon_vid.so libraries does not 

Best Regards
----                                 ----
Szymon Bieganski
sbiegans at wpk.p.lodz.pl
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