[MPlayer-users] MPlayer 1.0pre? and subtitles localization

Václav Krpec vasekk at alsoft.cz
Thu Jan 29 10:29:37 CET 2004


I have used MPlayer for years with subt. czech localization
(ISO8859-2) without any trouble on Linux (slackware 8.0).
I assembled a new PC last month and installed Mandrake 9.2
with precompiled MPlayer (0.9...), then I compiled myself
version 1.0pre (and latest libiconv, before that).
Libiconv compiled OK, make check went OK, MPlayer compiled
with no complainig. I installed both ISO8859-2 and cp1250
fonts, but MPlayer still displays only ISO8859-1 chars,
when running GUI. When running from cmd-line, all chars seems
to be displayed properly.
  I tried all reasonable settings in Preferences menu (both
subt. encoding and font encoding), but I'm stucked...
So, did anybody install MPlayer on Mandrake over the precompiled
one? Any Ideas? Sorry, if it is a FAQ...

Please, CC any replay to my address, as I'm not subscribed to the

Thanks for any help,

  vencík <vencik at razdva.cz>
         <vasekk at alsoft.cz>


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