[MPlayer-users] -display localhost:0.1 breaks lirc

Mike White lists1 at b0nk.org
Thu Jan 29 06:24:36 CET 2004

Hi everyone,

Here's an interesting bug:

I have a cheapo NVidia 440 MX card with TV-out that i have running to my 
TV.  I've configured X so that screen 1 (DISPLAY=localhost:0.1) is the 
TV and screen 0 is my monitor.  My plan is to have mythtv running in the 
background all the time and not affecting my use of the computer.  This 
works great, i can go:

mplayer -fs -display localhost:0.1 foo.avi


mplayer -fs foo.avi

and video plays on the TV just fine.

Additionally, i can play a movie to the default X screen:

mplayer -fs foo.avi

and i can control it (pause, play, stop) with my remote control, 
homebrew IR adapter, and lirc.

BUT, when i play on the TV, lirc just hangs.  I run the 'irw' lirc event 
snooper, and when playing to screen 0, i can see the remote control 
events, but when i play to screen 1, no events show up!

This appears to be a bug in mplayer since it works fine with xine:

xine -f foo.avi

(I can use my RC to control xine's video output on the TV.)

I don't want to use xine because xine sucks and mplayer rocks. :)


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