[MPlayer-users] external monitor and blue window

Marcus Thiesen marcus at thiesen.org
Wed Jan 28 20:06:17 CET 2004

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 06:05, Marco Correia wrote:
> I know that this is a common problem but I searched and couldn't find an
> answer.
> Mplayer works perfectly in my laptop own LCD, but when I use an external
> LCD monitor connected to the laptop, mplayer shows only a blue screen (and
> sound) when using the -vo xv device. If I use -vo x11 then the graphics are
> shown, but unfortunately very slow (its a PIII, 650 Mhz).
> My graphics board is a Savage/MX. I have mplayer-0.92.

I'm no expert on your graphics board, but maybe you have only one video 
overlay? Then the one monitor will show the movie (your LCD) and the other 
one the overlay background, which is usually blue. Try to find a way to 
change it, maybe your driver vendor or your x11 driver has special optinons 
for this situation.

Have fun,

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