[MPlayer-users] external monitor and blue window

Marco Correia mvc at netcabo.pt
Wed Jan 28 06:05:54 CET 2004

I know that this is a common problem but I searched and couldn't find an 

Mplayer works perfectly in my laptop own LCD, but when I use an external LCD 
monitor connected to the laptop, mplayer shows only a blue screen (and sound) 
when using the -vo xv device. If I use -vo x11 then the graphics are shown, 
but unfortunately very slow (its a PIII, 650 Mhz).

My graphics board is a Savage/MX. I have mplayer-0.92.

How can I solve this ? (please don't tell me to search because I already did 

ps: Please CC me as I'm not subscribed.
Marco Correia <mvc at netcabo.pt>

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