[MPlayer-users] vrc_override not working

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Wed Jan 28 01:14:39 CET 2004

With latest libavcodec & mplayer, vrc_override doesn't work for me. When
I add "vrc_override=1,300,5/1100,4700,4/161600,167800,5" to lavcopts,
nothing happens - the quantizers stay as libavcodec sets them depending
on the bitrate. I tried with or without vpass, it doesn't work either
way - libavcodec silently ignores it. I also tried the second way of
using vrc_override, by specifying quality (although I don't understand
how this quality is measured). I tried
"vrc_override=1,300,-60/1100,4700,-50/161600,167800,-100", but this way
I get only "bits<0.9" message on every frame.

Is there a way to decrease quality in certain parts of movie?



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