[MPlayer-users] Download RTSP streams with mplayer?

Malte Horst Arthur Skoruppa malte at countnumber.de
Wed Jan 28 01:19:04 CET 2004


is it possible to download and save RTSP streams with mplayer?

I would like to be able to save them so as to have the movies later, if 
I want to watch them again :-)

I found a program called rtspget that could save RTSP streams, but it 
requires xine:

I don't really feel like building xine etc., and I thought "if xine can 
do it, mplayer must be able to do it as well"... isn't it? ;-)

Well, I guess if noone knows if and how it's possible, I'll follow the 
howto on that page... but it doesn't hurt to ask :-)



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