[MPlayer-users] OGM seeking backwards problem

Vladimir Niksic vniksic at inet.hr
Sat Jan 24 13:56:52 CET 2004

When playing OGM files, Mplayer has problems seeking backwards by 5 
seconds. It always gets stuck instantly and repeats the same keyframe no 
matter how many times I press the seek left key. In my input.conf I have 
specified that right and left seeks go 5 seconds, instead of 10 seconds. 
Seeking forwards works just fine. I have also tried using the default 10 
seconds to seek backwards, but the result is the same. Also, seeking 
backwards by 1 minute or 10 minutes, works OK.

Is this a known issue with OGM files? Is there a fix I can use?

I'm using the latest CVS Mplayer with latest CVS libavcodec.

Vladimir Niksic
vniksic at inet.hr

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