[MPlayer-users] Sound a little bit distorted when capturing video

André Heßling ahessling at gmx.de
Wed Jan 21 20:26:41 CET 2004


I am using the newest mplayer pre-release and I want to capture video
from my TV card.
Therefore I use this line:

mencoder -tv driver=v4l:width=320:height=240 tv:// -ovc xvid
-xvidencopts bitrate=900:max_bframes=2 -oac mp3lame -lameopts
cbr:br=128 -o bla.avi

This works fine but the sound is a little bit distorted (overdriven).

Sound is made by ALSA intel8x0 (newest version) and I tried alsamixer to
fix this.
In order to get sound in my captured files I needed to activate the
capture option for "Capture" and "Line". "Line" isn't really needed but
doesn't change anything. 
The volume of "Capture" is at 0. If I set it higher or even to 100, the
sound is totally overdriven. 
And I found out that if I set "Line" to 100 the sound is also distorted
when I normally watch TV. I therefore set "Line" to around 74.

This means that "Capture" = 0 during recording is the same as "Line" =
100 during playback.

It would be very good if I could set 'Capture' to "less than 0" so that
it doesn't record at the full volume.

I also tried to add 'volume' and 'alsa' to my mencoder-line but this
shows no effect. 

So what can I do?

Thanks in advance!

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