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tarass at club-internet.fr tarass at club-internet.fr
Sun Jan 18 17:56:36 CET 2004


some days ago I saw a program :

dvbtextsubs , availlable on http://www.linuxstb.org/

It extracts teletext subtitles from a DVB stream and outputs them as a 
xml file. It supports vdr files too.

Here's an example of the output:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
   <stream forced="no">
     <spu lang="fr" start="0:04:02.391" end="0:04:05.703">
       <line row="22" col="-1"></line>
     <spu lang="fr" start="0:07:52.215" end="0:07:54.087">
       <line row="22" col="12"><white>Ohé, John Cameron !</white></line>
     <spu lang="fr" start="0:07:57.255" end="0:07:57.975">
       <line row="22" col="14"><white>Chingachgook !</white></line>
     <spu lang="fr" start="0:07:58.551" end="0:07:59.991">
       <line row="22" col="13"><white>Comment vas-tu ?</white></line>
     <spu lang="fr" start="0:08:00.423" end="0:08:02.439">
       <line row="22" col="8"><white>Le Maître de la vie est 
     <spu lang="fr" start="0:08:04.023" end="0:08:05.895">
       <line row="22" col="8"><white>Encore une année de 

This will be a good idea if mplayer could display this subtitles as it 
can display subtitles from those coded with mencoder or VOB.

Is there a major problem to not do this ?

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