[MPlayer-users] how to view windows media server(rstp) stream on mplayer

Sriram Natarajan Sriram.Natarajan at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 14 00:05:12 CET 2004

  I apologize for such wide distribution.
  I was wondering, if some one could guide me on how to view a windows 
media server stream (rstp/.asf) that requires authentication as well as 
session state. I have necessary user name and password to view the 
stream in windows but I am not able to play this with MPlayer on Linux.
  I tried with some of the commands like
1. mplayer mms://username:password@url - didn't work.
2. downloaded rtsp live plugin compiled it and tried - it didn't work 

  Any help on how to make this stream work on linux will be very much 


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