[MPlayer-users] ESPN Radio Arcived, Windows Media Audio 9 Voice

C. Schanck chris at schanck.net
Fri Jan 9 23:18:02 CET 2004


Recently, in my quest to kick Windows Media Player 6.4 via Codeweavers 
Crossover off my disk, I have tried to play both the live ESPN Radio 
feed, and an archived feed of one of yesterdays shows.

wget -O - -q espnradio.com | grep play=live

gives you the live stream http page; wget that, and you get to:

http://mfile.akamai.com/10478/live/reflector:33040.asx (note that this 
may change, though it was constant from yesterday to today).

This gave:


as the actual MRL.

This stream plays flawlessly with mplayer. Windows Media Audio 2 (32kbps)

However, picking an archived stream, such as The Dan Patrick show gets 
you this url:


This is encoded as "Windows Media Audio Voice", 20kbsp, mono, I believe. 
Doesn't play worth a damn. IPtraf shows no network traffic at all for 

Any ideas? I really want to use linux for all my multimedia and nuke the 
windows stuff.

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