[MPlayer-users] Audio gets out of sync while playing network streams

Aleksey Sudakov zander at objectstorm.net
Fri Jan 9 03:11:08 CET 2004

After playing around with setting I would answer some of my question....

> Mplayer has a lot of problems playing various video streams.

Basicly, it's not mplayer fault but codecs on Linux are not as good for
playing network streams as native windows codecs running on windows.

By default mplayer uses ffwmv1 to decode most of WMV streams (with most of
the streams out there still being WMV7). Well, ffwmv1 has serious problem
syncing audio to video, but using ffwmv2 fixes the problem for all Windows
Media 7 streams in my experience.

For Windows Media 8 streams mplayer uses either wmv8 or ffmpeg. The first is
native windows codec, the later is ffmpeg's. Both have problems syncing.
Problems with wmv8 could be seen by playing
http://www.tv-radio.com/station/public_senat/public_senat-150k.asx. Problems
with ffmpeg could be seen on any bloomberg stream, f.e.


There are also dmo codecs for playing Windows Media 7, 8 and 9 - wmvdmo and
wmv9dmo that my mplayer for whatever reason don't want to use. Any ideas
why? mplayer could find them in /usr/lib/win32 (I could use wmv8
(wmv8ds32.ax) native codec), but it looks like it could only use *.ax and
not *.dll.


P.S. Is this list a place to ask this type of questions or they are "too
advanced" for user list and  need to be directed to developers list?

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