[MPlayer-users] Kiss DP players and GPL NOVIRUS

Tomas Groth tomasgroth at yahoo.dk
Thu Jan 8 13:28:13 CET 2004


> Hello,
> apart from the GPL violation of the KiSS players, has anyone
> heard
> or read about any comment from KiSS technologies?!
They made a short statement to ComON.dk (danish):
»Vi er ved at gennemgå de kritikpunkter der er rettet mod os, og
vi forventer at kunne tilbagevise kritiken. Vi vil over de næste
dage gennemgå materialet der er tilgået os, og komme med en
status,« siger adm. direktør Peter W. Christensen til ComON.

Quick translation:
"We are going through the accusations, and expect to disprove
them. We will in the next days go through the material which has
been sent to us, and then give a status," president Peter W.
Christensen told ComON.

(Please don't use this translation for anything important, it's
probably buggy!)

> Hints, tips or comments about this? Thanks for you
> suggestions,
> 	Uwe

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