[MPlayer-users] Problem ripping Audio from stream.

Nathan Morell frizop at eatel.net
Thu Jan 8 08:11:18 CET 2004

Steven M. Schultz wrote:

>>next I tried to dump the audio with mplayer to get it proper.
>>mplayer -dumpaudio Aqua\ Teen\ Hunger\ Force\ -\ The\ Cloning\ -\ Xavier.avi
>>Playing Aqua Teen Hunger Force - The Cloning - Xavier.avi.
>>AVI file format detected.
>>VIDEO:  [DX50]  512x384  24bpp  23.975 fps  1045.2 kbps (127.6 kbyte/s)
>>Core dumped ;)
>>Exiting... (End of file)
>>obviously nor of these two examples work. I have a feeling that the 
>	It worked fine.  Did you look for a file called 'stream.dump'? 
>	That's your audio in convenient .wav format.
>	You did see the smiley after the "Core dumped", right?  It's a joke ;)
>	Steven Schultz

Steven, you are the man FYI :P
    Anyway, I did try and use the stream.dump, or in your 
"transcode-users" list post, I tryed the

mplayer -dumpfile output.wav -dumpaudio Aqua\ Teen\ Hunger\ Force\ -\ 
The\ Cloning\ -\ Xavier.avi

and then I tryed to get the left-over wav file:

mp2enc -b 128 -o output.mp2 < output.wav
**ERROR: [mp2enc] Input not a WAV file - starts not with "RIFF"
**ERROR: [mp2enc] failure reading WAV file



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