[MPlayer-users] recoding script for DVD/SVCD/VCD

Martin Emrich emme at emmes-world.de
Wed Jan 7 10:49:37 CET 2004


Am Mi, den 07.01.2004 schrieb Scott Bower um 01:41:

> 	Just to let you know, your efforts on this are much appreciated. I
> would like to know now that I've replaced my dodgy home-made scripts
> with yours, does the DVD output autosplit the video into VOB sized files
> or does DVDAuthor do this? 

My script does not split the output file, dvdauthor should take care of
the splitting. If not, IIRC the mplex manpage also says something about
splitting for DVD files, if you want, you can add something like "
($profile eq "dvd" ? "<split option>" : "") " to the
mplex commandline. Maybe I'll do it in a future release.

Actually, I never needed it thus far, I converted several 2h videos to a
1.4G DVD-MPEG with (on my 51cm TV) surprisingly good quality. (mpeg2enc
created much worse quality, thats why I wrote the script).

> I've managed to hijack a DVD Rewriter for the
> next three days but I haven't the know-how to create a dvd video that
> plays on a hardware player... help?

It took me 2-3 weeks to figure out how to use dvdauthor for making a DVD
my player accepts (I wanted to make one with a menu). For a DVD w/o a
menu, the examples in the dvdauthor manual should be sufficient.



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