[MPlayer-users] A problem about use mplayer to play mp3 on arm .

kobi.yang at billionton.com.tw kobi.yang at billionton.com.tw
Wed Jan 7 04:29:17 CET 2004

Hi,all :

I use mplayer to play mp3 in my computer is smoothly.
Then i cross-compile mplayer to arm platform.
But the sound is queer when i play mp3 with libmad decoder.
The same syllable will be repeat at several times.
After checking the problem, i get the point.
i add the debug of output in myplayer.c to see what it is running.(see

                  in my computer    in arm platform
play size           16384		   512
play size                  0		   512
play size                  0		   512
play size                  0		   512
play size                  0		   512
play size           16384		   512
( and so on )

The "play size" value is get from audio_out -> get_space(); ( in line 1967 )
It seem to doesn't return the zero in arm platform.

Besides, is there any other reason which may result in the problem?
Any help is appreciated.
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