[MPlayer-users] mencoder cropping does not work?

irisson jean-olivier jo.irisson at noos.fr
Tue Jan 6 19:18:47 CET 2004

> i ripped an mpeg-file off an svcd with vcdxrip and it has very big black bars. 
> i want to reencode this file with the black bars cut off.

> $ mplayer -vf cropdetect avseq01.mpg
> crop area: X: 239..389  Y: 108..368  (-vf crop=150:260:240:108)% 3 0 57%
> $ mplayer -vf crop=480:262:0:108 avseq01.mpg
> Opening video filter: [crop w=480 h=262 x=0 y=108]
> Crop: 480 x 262, 0 ; 108
> ==========================================================================
> [unimportant stuff snipped]
> [the movie plays without the black bars]
> $ mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -vf crop=480:262:0:108 -o out.mpg avseq01.mpg

> Writing AVI index...
> Fixing AVI header...

> so, i thought my mencoder-command should reencode the file with the black bars 
> cut off. but they are still there when i play the file with mplayer. also 
> mencoder seems to change the container-format from mpeg to avi. where am i 
> wrong?

By default mencoder seems to be writing an AVI header to the file produced 
    mplayer -vf crop=480:262:0:108 avseq01.mpg -dumpstrem -dumpfile out.mpg
It should leave your container format what it is but I'm afraid it won't 
solve the black bars problem. "dump" or "copy" is just copying the frame 
with no postprocessing apparently.
You might have to do some kind of encoding. Check the "mpeg" codec of lavc 
if you want to keep your video mpeg.

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