[MPlayer-users] RTSP unusable (verbose output)

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Mon Jan 5 02:47:08 CET 2004

>>   OK, I couldn't figure out how to get all of the text output, since
>>   what I originally posted was all that was left on-screen. Finally
>>   occurred to me to try -vo null.
>Here's an easy way (for bash, at least):
>$ mplayer blahblahblah &> mplayer.log
>...of course, if you redirect all output to a file, you won't be able to
>see what's going on. If that is a problem:
>$ mplayer blahblahblah 2>&1 | tee mplayer.log

  Thanks again. Sometimes I marvel at my own stupidity, I've written a
  number of simple shell scripts with stderr and stdout redirects, never
  occurred to me to do it w/MPlayer.

  Anyway, for the sake of of completeness, this one was done with a
  stream dump and viewing the dump. Also using verbose output. The
  actual stream URL is:


MPlayer dev-CVS-040104-03:33-2.95.3 (C) 2000-2003 MPlayer Team

CPU: Intel Pentium MMX P55C 200.7 MHz (Family: 5, Stepping: 3)
Detected cache-line size is 32 bytes
CPUflags:  MMX: 1 MMX2: 0 3DNow: 0 3DNow2: 0 SSE: 0 SSE2: 0
Compiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX

Reading config file /usr/local/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf
Reading config file /home/lpar/.mplayer/config
Reading /home/lpar/.mplayer/codecs.conf: 62 audio & 164 video codecs
CommandLine: '-v' 'stream.dump'
get_path('font/font.desc') -> '/home/lpar/.mplayer/font/font.desc'
Font /home/lpar/.mplayer/font/font.desc loaded successfully! (206 chars)
Using MMX Optimized OnScreenDisplay
Using Linux hardware RTC timing (1024Hz).
get_path('input.conf') -> '/home/lpar/.mplayer/input.conf'
Parsing input config file /home/lpar/.mplayer/input.conf
Input config file /home/lpar/.mplayer/input.conf parsed: 53 binds
get_path('menu.conf') -> '/home/lpar/.mplayer/menu.conf'
Menu inited: /home/lpar/.mplayer/menu.conf
get_path('stream.dump.conf') -> '/home/lpar/.mplayer/stream.dump.conf'

Playing stream.dump.
[file] File size is 1327104 bytes
STREAM: [file] stream.dump
STREAM: Description: File
STREAM: Author: Albeu
STREAM: Comment: based on the code from ??? (probably Arpi)
Checking for YUV4MPEG2
DEMUXER: freeing demuxer at 0x8607e48  
ASF_check: not ASF guid!
DEMUXER: freeing demuxer at 0x8607e48  
Checking for NuppelVideo
DEMUXER: freeing demuxer at 0x8607e48  
Checking for REAL
REAL file format detected.
real: File version: 0
Chunk: PROP (504f5250) (size: 0x32, offset: 0x12)
First index chunk offset: 0x0
First data chunk offset: 0x19e
Flags (2): [perfect play (more buffers)] 
Chunk: CONT (544e4f43) (size: 0x36, offset: 0x44)
Chunk: MDPR (5250444d) (size: 0xa6, offset: 0x7a)
Found new stream (id: 0)
skip_str: 12 bytes skipped
skip_str: 35 bytes skipped
==> Found audio stream: 0
Found audio stream!
version: 4
frame_size: 304
sub_packet_size: 0
samplerate: 8000, channels: 1
skip_str: 4 bytes skipped
read_str: 4 bytes read
======= WAVE Format =======
Format Tag: 26995 (0x6973)
Channels: 1
Samplerate: 8000
avg byte/sec: 8500
Block align: 304
bits/sample: 16
cbSize: 10
Unknown extra header dump: [0] [0] [6] [0] [1] [0] [30] [1] [0] [0] 
### skipping 0 bytes of codec info
Chunk: MDPR (5250444d) (size: 0x74, offset: 0x120)
Found new stream (id: 1)
skip_str: 12 bytes skipped
skip_str: 20 bytes skipped
==> Found video stream: 1
video fourcc: RV30 (30335652)
H.263 ID: 30203002
unknown id: 30203002
### skipping 2 bytes of codec info
Chunk: DATA (41544144) (size: 0x0, offset: 0x194)
demux_real: invalid chunksize! (0)
Packets in file: 0
Auto-selected RM audio ID = 0
Auto-selected RM video ID = 1
VIDEO:  RV30 [30203002,000A9030]  320x240  (aspect 0.00)  15.00 fps
[V] filefmt:11  fourcc:0x30335652  size:320x240  fps:15.00  ftime:=0.0667
Clip info:
 name: NASA TV
 author: NASA-KSC Telescience Lab
 copyright: ¬2002
get_path('sub/') -> '/home/lpar/.mplayer/sub/'
get_path('default.sub') -> '/home/lpar/.mplayer/default.sub'
Opening audio decoder: [realaud] RealAudio decoder
opening shared obj '/usr/lib/RealPlayer8/Codecs/sipr.so.6.0'
Audio codec: [1] 8.5 Kbps Voice
Audio bitrate: 8.500 kbit/s (1063 bps)  
dec_audio: Allocating 1824 bytes for input buffer.
dec_audio: Allocating 128000 + 65536 = 193536 bytes for output buffer.
AUDIO: 8000 Hz, 1 ch, 16 bit (0x10), ratio: 1063->16000 (8.5 kbit)
Selected audio codec: [rasipr] afm:realaud (RealAudio Sipro)
Using Trident 9440 driver (1024K)
svgalib 1.4.3
svgalib: Failed to initialize mouse.
Opening video filter: [expand w=0 h=-1 x=0 y=0 osd=1]
Expand: 0 x -1, 0 ; 0  (-1=autodetect) osd: 1
Opening video decoder: [realvid] RealVideo decoder
realvideo codec id: 0x30203002  sub-id: 0x000A9030
opening shared obj '/usr/lib/RealPlayer8/Codecs/drv3.so.6.0'
INFO: RealVideo codec init OK!
Selected video codec: [rv30] vfm:realvid (Linux RealPlayer 8 RV30 decoder)
Checking audio filter chain for 8000Hz/1ch/16bit -> 8000Hz/2ch/16bit...
[libaf] Adding filter dummy 
[dummy] Was reinitialized, rate=8000Hz, nch = 1, format = 0x00000001 and bps = 2
AF_pre: af format: 2 bps, 1 ch, 8000 hz, little endian signed int 
AF_pre: 8000Hz 1ch Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian)
alsa-init: requested format: 8000 Hz, 2 channels, Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian)
alsa-init: compiled for ALSA-1.0.0rc2
alsa-init: soundcard set to sb16
alsa-init: pcm opend in block-mode
alsa-init: chunksize set to 1024
alsa-init: current val=16, fragcount=16
alsa-init: got buffersize=65536
alsa9: 8000 Hz/2 channels/4 bpf/65536 bytes buffer/Signed 16 bit Little Endian
AO: [alsa9] 8000Hz 2ch Signed 16-bit (Little-Endian) (2 bps)
AO: Description: ALSA-0.9.x audio output
AO: Author: Alex Beregszaszi, Joy Winter <joy at pingfm.org>
AO: Comment: under developement
Building audio filter chain for 8000Hz/1ch/16bit -> 8000Hz/2ch/16bit...
[dummy] Was reinitialized, rate=8000Hz, nch = 1, format = 0x00000001 and bps = 2
[libaf] Adding filter channels 
[channels] Changing number of channels to 2
[dummy] Was reinitialized, rate=8000Hz, nch = 1, format = 0x00000001 and bps = 2
Starting playback...
alsa-space: free space = 65536, status=140121288, prepared --
[libaf] Reallocating memory in module channels, old len = 0, new len = 65534
VDec: vo config request - 320 x 240 (preferred csp: Planar I420)
Trying filter chain: expand menu vo
Could not find matching colorspace - retrying with -vf scale...
Opening video filter: [scale]
SwScale params: -1 x -1 (-1=no scaling)
Trying filter chain: scale expand menu vo
VDec: using Planar I420 as output csp (no 0)
Movie-Aspect is 1.33:1 - prescaling to correct movie aspect.
VO Config (320x240->320x240,flags=0,'MPlayer',0x30323449)
SwScaler: using unscaled Planar YV12 -> BGR 16-bit special converter
REQ: flags=0x407  req=0x0  
REQ: flags=0x407  req=0x0  
REQ: flags=0x407  req=0x0  
VO: [svga] 320x240 => 320x240 BGR 16-bit 
VO: Description: SVGAlib
VO: Author: Ivan Kalvachev <iive at users.sf.net>
vo_svga: config(320, 240, 320, 240, 00000000, MPlayer, 42475210)
vo_svga: Looking for the best resolution...
vo_svga: req_w: 320, req_h: 240, bpp: 16
vo_svga: vid_mode: 18, 640x480 16bpp
vo_svga: video mode have 1 page(s)
vo_svga: centering image. start at (160,120)
*** [scale] Allocating mp_image_t, 320x240x12bpp YUV planar, 115200 bytes
*** [vo] Allocating mp_image_t, 320x240x16bpp BGR packed, 153600 bytes
*** [menu] Direct Rendering mp_image_t, 320x240x16bpp BGR packed, 153600 bytes
*** [expand] Direct Rendering mp_image_t, 320x240x16bpp BGR packed, 153600 bytes
*** [vo] Exporting mp_image_t, 320x240x16bpp BGR packed, 153600 bytes
A:-484865.1 V:-484852.8 A-V:-12.354 ct: -0.560   85/ 85  54% 12%  5.3% 5 0 0%
******** !!!!!!!! BUG!! len=-1780 !!!!!!!!!!! ********
A:-484865.0 V:-484852.5 A-V:-12.531 ct: -0.567   86/ 86  54% 12%  5.2% 5 0 0%
A:-484865.0 V:-484852.2 A-V:-12.739 ct: -0.573   87/ 87  54% 11%  5.2% 5 0 0%
stream_seek: WARNING! Can't seek to 0x14B612 !
ds_fill_buffer: EOF reached (stream: video)  
A:-484865.0 V:-484852.2 A-V:-12.732 ct: -0.580   87/ 87  54% 11%  5.2% 5 0 0
%EOF code: 1  

Uninit audio filters...
[libaf] Removing filter dummy 
[libaf] Removing filter channels 
uninit audio: realaud
uninit video: realvid
DEMUXER: freeing demuxer at 0x8607e48  
DEMUXER: freeing sh_audio at 0x859ffe0  
DEMUXER: freeing sh_video at 0x85a0090  
alsa-uninit: pcm closed

Exiting... (End of file)

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