[MPlayer-users] Nobody knows ...

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Sun Jan 4 16:01:35 CET 2004

> It work exactely similar with DVB. I just have to scale the video to fit the
> DVB spec:

Oh ok, so it does work with -vo mpegpes then.

> There is another option to keep video aspect if the movie is 16/9 because my
> tv set is 4/3, and I'm looking for it. Something like -aspect ...

There is an -aspect and a -monitoraspect, however I think you've overridden 
them by using -vf scale.  Perhaps you could try scaling to a 16:9 resolution 
instead, like 1024:576 and see if that makes a difference.  You could also 
try the lavc aspect option to see if it makes a difference during the
MPEG4 -> MPEG2 conversion, but I'm not sure how you'd do that with mplayer.


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