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Sun Jan 4 09:11:06 CET 2004

Le 01/04/2004 03:44 AM, Adam Nielsen a joliment écrit :

> I don't think so, because your DVB card supports MPEG-2 only, think of mpegpes 
> as hardware ***MPEG-2*** decoding.  If it's not MPEG-2, it won't work.
> I'm not sure how you do it with a DVB card, but I have a hardware MPEG-2 
> decoder card (a Hollywood+ or DXR3) and it works in a similar way:
> 	mplayer file.mpg -vo dxr3
> This uses the dxr3 output driver (which, like your DVB card, only supports 
> MPEG-2) however if I do this:
> 	mplayer divx-movie.avi -vo dxr3
> then divx-movie.avi is converted to MPEG-2 on-the-fly and sent to the decoder 
> card.  This means I can play any file mplayer supports, and it will convert 
> it to MPEG-2 so that my card can decode it.

It work exactely similar with DVB.
I just have to scale the video to fit the DVB spec:

mplayer film.avi -vo mpegpes -vf scale=720:576,lavc

and it work fine. There is another option to keep video aspect if the 
movie is 16/9 because my tv set is 4/3, and I'm looking for it.
Something like -aspect ...

Thanks. Nicolas.

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