[MPlayer-users] User report for soundcard with envy24 chip

Steffen Sauder steffensauder at gmx.de
Sat Jan 3 17:59:19 CET 2004

Jürgen Fleck wrote:

>I have a Hoontech DSP24 Value sound card, which has an envy24 chipset,
>relying on the ice1712 driver in ALSA.
>mplayer 0.9.x	ALSA 0.9.x	Sound yes with -ao alsa9,
>				but video stream is frozen
>				==> Must use OSS emulation -ao oss
>				==> Bad A/V sync
>mplayer 1.0.0rc2/3, ALSA 1.0.0rc2
>				OK! Everything is fine with
>				-ao alsa9:default
>				including good A/V sync
That was an problem in alsa-lib 0.9.x and previous versions. There has 
been a two line patch for this problem which is included in alsalib 
1.0.0pre1 and all later versions. Nothing to do with mplayer. Just for 
the protocol :)

I also have problems with oss-emulation and mplayer on my ice1712-based 
Terratec DMX6fire (skipping in video stream takes about half a second), 
but this also seem to be an alsa issue, not mplayer's.


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