[MPlayer-users] mencoder ignores -af ?

Martin Emrich martin at emmerator.dyndns.org
Sat Jan 3 17:30:27 CET 2004


I try to recode an avi with low quality audio (11024bps,8bit/chan, mono)
to an mpeg with Layer II audio (removed the mpeg commandline options,
didn't change the result):

~/files/videos/Sonstiges/Blindhai.avi -o test.mpg -oac lavc -ovc copy
-af format=2:unsignedintle,channels=2,resample=44100  -v -v -v 2>>
mplayer-bug-output.txt >> mplayer-bug-output.txt

(I tried with "format=2,unsignedintle", too).
It exits with the error "Couldn't open codec mp2, br=224"

I suspect that the -af command is ignored, and libavcodec doesn't like
8bit audio. If it's user error (wrong commandline), please give me a
hint, otherwise, a full bugreport and the video is already waiting for
upload ;-)



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