[MPlayer-users] suggestion

Karl Wood mplayer at shevek.f9.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 21:29:08 CET 2004

tarass at club-internet.fr writes:
> I tried
> -ss 1.1 -endpos 2
> -ss 1.9 -endpos 2
> Produces exactly the same file.

This is a stab in the dark, but are you cutting your video at clean
scene transitions, at keyframe positions?

If not then the remarks of D Richard Felker III earlier in this thread
suggest that mencoder can only cut at the nearest keyframes, which are
the same in each of your two tests. (I edit Quicktime so I seem not to
suffer from such a restriction but you are editing .vdr files, which I
am unfamiliar with - MPEG2?).

Also, if your video is PAL, then asking for cuts at 1.1 and 1.9
seconds isn't a good test, because frames are at 40ms intervals.

Maybe you should try to identify keyframe cut points with avidemux2,
convert these to float and pass them to -ss and -endpos ?

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