[MPlayer-users] recoding script for DVD/SVCD/VCD

Martin Emrich martin at emmerator.dyndns.org
Thu Jan 1 18:42:20 CET 2004


Am Mi, den 31.12.2003 schrieb rcooley um 22:34:

> Hmm...  I looked through it, and saw a few things that look wrong. 
> Mainly, you seem to use a keyint of 132 for all three (DVD/SVCD/VCD)... 

Yes, the mplayer manpage says: "...For a strict MPEG1/2/4 compliance
this would have to  be  <=132". Which values would be optimal for
standalone players?

> I also don't see anything in there to rescale the video to VCD/SVCD
> sizes.

Yes. Currently, you have to use "-f" and your calculator to pass filters
to mencoder. Maybe in the future, I'll implement some automatic

> I would also consider using perl overkill.  I do the same things with a
> much simpler shell-script.

I'm an even worse shell programmer than perl programmer :-)



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