[MPlayer-users] snow/vorbis/nut?

marco marco at math.toronto.edu
Fri Dec 31 18:35:57 CET 2004

> > - Vorbis in NUT fixed
> > - NUT updated to latest specification
> imo this is bad. yes it's to latest spec, but the spec is just a
> draft, so files created with it may not (and most likely WILL NOT)
> work in the future. be patient...we're trying to finish it. :)

But can one play with this? :)

There was also mention of adding Dirac encoding/playback capabilities
to mencoder/mplayer:


I've also been fooling around with Dirac encoding, but they
don't seem to have a working container yet (they plan to use
MXF [others too], but I don't know if MPlayer can handle that
one, I can't find it mentioned in the man page).


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