[MPlayer-users] Fedora Core1, nvidia drivers, MPlayer on the console - no video, audio-O.K.

Sascha Sommer saschasommer at freenet.de
Fri Dec 17 12:33:45 CET 2004

On Friday 17 December 2004 10:36, peter kostov wrote:
> Hi, I have tried to play a movie on the console. That si not actually
> nesesary for me, becouse I have graphical interface installed, but I am
> a strange man who likes the console...
> There was no video.
> I attached 3 files:
> report describes my system;
> mplayer-console.log and mplayer-console.log2 are containing the
> messages, that I recieved when starting MPlayer whith two different
> commands, that are described there.
> After that my home dir was full with hundereds (about 1GB) png files -
> the frames of the video.

No wonder in your 2nd log it autoselected vo png which does exactly this.
For using cvidix you have to be root or you have to install one of these
direct hardware access helpers.
Also check if the drivers are really in /usr/local/lib/mplayer/vidix.
Then play your file with mplayer -vo cvidix -nocolorkey file.avi


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