[MPlayer-users] Re: video out onto two screens - terrible framedrop with audio on

Andrey Khavryuchenko akhavr at kds.com.ua
Thu Dec 16 16:11:50 CET 2004


"R=" == Reimar =?UTF8?Q?D=F6ffinger?= wrote:

 R=> Hi,
 >> (cat stream.yuv | tee mp1 > mp2 ) &
 >> mplayer -nocache -quiet -vo x11 -display $disp1 mp1 & 
 >> mplayer -nocache -quiet -vo xv -display $disp2 mp2 &
 >> mplayer -nocache -vo yuv4mpeg -slave -quiet "$1"

 R=> As I already wrote this just can't work. You absolutely _must_ specify
 R=> -benchmark for the two slave mplayers, because otherwise all of them
 R=> will try to do timing and completely step onto each others feet,
 R=> literally speaking.  

Aha, I see..   I've tried initially to -benchmark on master instance which
failed terribly, so I've abandoned that.  Now, when I've tried -benchmark
only on slaves, it worked perfectly on the mpeg2 clip which initially
terribly framedropped.

 R=> If you have sound, the one playing the sound must (and always will)
 R=> handle timing, otherwise it doesn't matter which one.

The master instance now plays sound.  At it looks like it does it in sync

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