[MPlayer-users] No sound in quicktime videos

Julian Sikorski lordzanon at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Dec 11 12:49:01 CET 2004

I'm using today's cvs, essential codec package and qt 6.5 dlls in 
/usr/local/lib/codecs. When playing quichtime video, I get this:
Forced audio codec: ffmp2
Forced audio codec: ffmp3
Opening audio decoder: [qtaudio] QuickTime Audio Decoder
Win32 LoadLibrary failed to load: qtmlClient.dll, 
/usr/local/lib/codecs/qtmlClient.dll, /usr/lib/win32/qtmlClient.dll, 
failed loading dll
ADecoder preinit failed :(
ADecoder init failed :(
Cannot find codec for audio format 0x324D4451.

I do not understand the problem, as the mentioned file is present in 
/usr/local/lib/codecs. What am I doing wrong?

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