[MPlayer-users] FLAC problems

Jorik Jonker mplayer at boeventronie.net
Tue Dec 7 14:36:11 CET 2004


I'm using flac for a while now, and happily discovered that mplayer 
supports it. But, there is a little problem: mplayer doesn't seem to 
cope with metadata stored in flac-files (such as a CUE-sheet); it evens 
crashes (sig 11) on flac files containing a CUE-sheet (which is 
perfectly legal).
I assume this is a bug in libavcodec, since this is the part where the 
flac-file is decoded. Then I ask myself why isn't mplayer using libFLAC? 
This seems to be _the_ library for flac-related tools and it's capable 
of handling metadata.

Jorik Jonker

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