[MPlayer-users] Subtitle also using http/url

Hendri Hondorp hendri at cs.utwente.nl
Wed Apr 28 13:07:37 CEST 2004

Nico Sabbi wrote:
| Hendri Hondorp wrote:
| >Hello,
| >
| >Is it possible to get the video file from the network using a URL
| >together with a subtitle file (also from the network?). Maybe 
| >the URL need to be changed to (for example: http://server.com/movie.avi&sub=http://server.com/movie.smi).
| >
| >  
| >
| maybe mplayer http://server.com/movie.avi -subfile  http://server.com/movie.smi -sub-demuxer 3
| I never tried, but it should work

Thanks for the suggestion, but this doesn't work. With the 'sub-demuxer' option
it looks for a video stream instead of a subtitle stream type. The demuxer code 
has no idea about subtitle types (they are located in main/subreader.h).
So I think some code is missing in the demuxer code. With this option 
mplayer tries to open a DEMUXER_TYPE_AVI type (also value 3, the same #DEFINE-d value as SUB_SAMI in subreader.h).

Trace 1 can give more information about this.

Without the sub-demuxer option it tries a lot of video extensions but without
any success.
Trace 2 can give more information about this.

I hope someone can help to come any further.


PS: Because the trace-files are long I've put them in http://wwwhome.cs.utwente.nl/~hendri/trace1.txt and trace2.txt

| >Because mplayer puts the video file in a temporary directory (/tmp)
| >(if not streamed) it should be possible to store the subtitle file
| >there too and it runs.
| >
| >For one of our experiments we need to change subtitle on the fly, so
| >using a webbrowser with mplayer (for Linux) is an option. But how?
| >
| >When using Windows (Window Media Player with SAMI subtitles) it works.
| >When the name of the subtitle file and the videofile are the same the
| >subtitle is loaded.
| >
| >Can someone help me?
| >
| >Greetings,
| >	Hendri
| >  
| >

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