[MPlayer-users] Pan downmixing + LFE Problem

Tashfeen Bhimdi tbhimdi at bhimdi.com
Mon Apr 26 23:23:31 CEST 2004

> I tried this setup but I just get Frontspeakers working. I use alsa9x as I
> XINE doesnt support alsa10x + multi channel output.

Really? Alsa1x + Xine gives me multi channel output (except it doesn't 
do LFE downmixing, but 5.1 -> 4.0 is fine.  LFE downmixing is why I 
switched to mplayer)

Maybe using older alsa is your problem, have you ever tried mplayer with 
Alsa1x and gotten the same no rear-speaker problem?

> Everything I tried with the pan filter comes to no result. Normal output
> with -channels 4 works (and gives me rear speakers but no LFE :-/)
> Any ideas?

Can't think of anything other than Alsa, sorry.  Try mplayer with the 
oss output, maybe you'll have luck with Alsa's oss emulation.

Tashfeen Bhimdi

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