[MPlayer-users] Pan downmixing + LFE Problem

Thomas Zangl - Mobil mobil at tzis.net
Mon Apr 26 22:27:35 CEST 2004

Am Mon, 26 Apr 2004 16:13:29 -0400, schrieb Tashfeen Bhimdi <tbhimdi at bhimdi.com>:

>OK, now this is strange.  I entered that line above into my config 
>(converting the integers into floats, according to the mplayer docs they 
>should be floats), and LFE started working great.  The rear speakers 
>continue to work for me too.

Here it doesnt :-/

>Here is what I have now, I really hope it helps your Live+4.1 setup, 
>which is similar to an Audigy+4.1 setup I have:
>(only audio related entries listed)
>ao=alsa1x   #alsa driver
>cache=8192  #may help
>af-adv=2    #optimal audio filters
>srate=48000 #probably better than the live/audigy hardware conversion
>af=resample=48000:1:1 #better

I tried this setup but I just get Frontspeakers working. I use alsa9x as I
XINE doesnt support alsa10x + multi channel output.

>Make sure you have the latest ALSA drivers installed (making sure to 
>edit your .asoundrc file to add hardware mixing).  Run alsamixer (or 
>gnome-alsamixer) and jack up the "PCM Surround" and "Surround" levels 
>since they're the volume control for the rear speakers (Surround is 
>muted by default).  Enable "Tone" otherwise the base/treble controls 
>won't work.

Hrm, checked it. Normal surround works, but not with the pan filter.
Everything I tried with the pan filter comes to no result. Normal output
with -channels 4 works (and gives me rear speakers but no LFE :-/)

Any ideas?
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