[MPlayer-users] MPlayer and proxies

Hans du Plooy hdp at webmail.co.za
Sat Apr 24 19:12:51 CEST 2004

From streaming.html in the english docs:

"Playing goes by simply using adding the URL to the command line. MPlayer also 
honors the http_proxy environment variable, and uses proxy if available. 
Proxy usage can also be forced:"

How can I force MPlayer NOT to use proxy?  Aside from unsetting http_proxy 

Also, even after unsetting http_proxy, trying to play 
http://www.antfarm.co.za/clients/highveld/highveld_22.asx, I'm still getting 
the following error:

Unable to open URL: http://www.antfarm.co.za/clients/highveld/highveld_22.asx
Option stream url: This URL doesn't have a hostname part.
File not found: 'clients/highveld/highveld_22.asx'
Failed to open http://www.antfarm.co.za/clients/highveld/highveld_22.asx

I tested the URL with Windows media player 6.4 (in crossover plugin) and it 
works fine.

Thank you

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