[MPlayer-users] Can't pipe VOBs to mencoder...

Brian briandt at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 23 02:30:43 CEST 2004

On Thursday 22 April 2004 05:33, Aaron Peterson wrote:
> > You never told mencoder where to get input from.
> >   cat /vob/*.VOB | mencoder - ...

> > Also, when encoding from vob files it's better to use
> >   mencoder dvd://42 -dvd-device /vob/
> > for some value of 42. This way it can get metadata from the IFO files,
> > and you can use -alang instead of just hoping that it picks the right
> > audio stream.
> > (This requires that you copy VIDEO_TS.IFO and VTS_42_0.IFO as well.
> > I don't know whether vobcopy does that automatically.)

> vobcopy can "mirror" the entire dvd file structure to a hard disk with the
> right flags.

> aaron

Thanks to everybody that replied.

I have been using the mencoder man pages as a reference where an example is 

       Encoding from a pipe
              rar p test-SVCD.rar  |  mencoder  -ovc  divx4  -di-
              vx4opts br=800 -ofps 24 -

       Encoding multiple *.vob files
              cat *.vob | mencoder <options> -

I have also been using the "DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux". It also 
shows using a pipe incorrectly, according to this information.

Are there any definative guides thisgroup can recommend for ripping, encoding  
and playing?

Thanks again to everybody and especially the coders who have made MPlayer what 
it is - your efforts are truly appreciated.

Best regards,

Vancouver, BC  Canada

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