[MPlayer-users] Can't pipe VOBs to mencoder...

Aaron Peterson aaron at alpete.com
Thu Apr 22 14:33:42 CEST 2004

> You never told mencoder where to get input from.
>   cat /vob/*.VOB | mencoder - ...
> Also, when encoding from vob files it's better to use
>   mencoder dvd://42 -dvd-device /vob/
> for some value of 42. This way it can get metadata from the IFO files,
> and you can use -alang instead of just hoping that it picks the right
> audio stream.
> (This requires that you copy VIDEO_TS.IFO and VTS_42_0.IFO as well.
> I don't know whether vobcopy does that automatically.)

vobcopy can "mirror" the entire dvd file structure to a hard disk with the
right flags.


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