[MPlayer-users] mga_vid not working as expected - doesn't coverentire screen area

justin case justin_case at gmx.net
Sat Apr 17 15:24:11 CEST 2004

> > if i hit answer in my mail-client (outlook) mostly the adress being
> > filled in is this list's adress.
> 1) Copy the mplayer-users at mplayerhq.hu (ctrl-c) from the mail 
> you are replying 
> to.
> 2) Reply to the message
> 3) Select the whole To: field
> 4) Press ctrl-v to paste
> 5) Write reply
> 6a) Consider using some other os and/or email client
> 6b) Find Reply to mailinglist in Outlook, don't know if it exists.

i know already how to use copy and paste, thx.
the question actually is:
if there is a mailing list service running, how and why can it be that
the messages arriving here have different headers wich lead to different
behaviour when replient to them?
it doesn't really make sense, doesn't it?
> Change your email software.
> Have you googled on your problem btw?

no, i visited the list itself.
in my profile i have the following option enabled:

Avoid duplicate copies of messages?

When you are listed explicitly in the To: or Cc: headers of a list
message, you can opt to not receive another copy from the mailing list.
Select Yes to avoid receiving copies from the mailing list; select No to
receive copies.

so i suppose this is causing the "trouble". it looks like it's simply an
option one has to choose him/herself.

what is strange in richards case, though, is that his adress is the
_only_ one getting filled in when i reply. -> ?!!?!

> ps Sorry about the anti-m$ flame, i just don't like their 
> products at all :)

that's fine, neither am i a big fan, but please don't go and blame me
for using them or tell me that the only cure is to not use them. anyway,
it is not really worth discussing it, isn't it?

my regards,

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