[MPlayer-users] continuous play mpg2

justin case justin_case at gmx.net
Thu Apr 15 00:36:30 CEST 2004

> Hi all,
> In the near future, I would like to play some mpeg2 files 
> from a given playlist on different machines.
> The  goal would be to play these small mpeg2 encoded files 
> continuously without _any_ breakpoint.
> (like the winamp continuous plugin can play mp3-s.)
> Is it possible with mplayer? (or if not: with any other player?)
> My wishesJ:
> -if possible, do not stop when changing files
> -it can do some "tricks" like fade out and fade in when 
> changing files, only the timing must be correct
> Another stupid question: does mplayer supports some kind of 
> synchronization when playing on different machines?
> I mean: all the computers buffers the movie, then I send a 
> packet on the network and they start playing?

i am looking for both of these functionalitys myself, just didn't find
the time to do some tests.

what graphics card do you use, and what -vo options does it offer?
personally i never use anything x-server dependant, but i might consider
it soon..
i figured, when i use the framebuffer device, i don't get ugly switches
like vesa output would produce them while setting up a new resolution
before playing any movie.
that might be a first important step.

also playing around with the buffering options might be worth something,
since the movies should best be prebuffered before starting to play in
order to load quick.

i guess the synchronization option will require some coding. i'd love to
see that in mplayer, but i am no coder at all..

if anybody else has some insight on how this could be easily achieved,
pls post.

i guess i start with some testing on seemless loops in the next days.
i'll keep you informed.


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